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Corrupted signs by DevBurmak

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Pathfinder LAB's contest ICONIC CHARACTER Ezren

Deadline June 5


Cover for Pathfinder Campaign Setting by Igor-Grechanyi

Pathfinder Scalera cover #6 by Ross-A-Campbell

Hello everyone, Pathfinder-Art and Fantasy-NPC announced the contest on the iconic characters of Pathfinder Paizo RPG. Pathfinder LAB is a Fantasy-NPC's idea to promote the art test and fan art of Pathfinder.

Pathfinder LAB Contest and Fan art by LJEKC

"Pathfinder LAB gallery on Pathfinder-Art"    

"Pathfinder LAB gallery on Fantasy-NPC"  

Before I give you more details here are some basic information:

:star: Participants must be members of the group.

:star: The deviations must fit in the following categories: DIGITAL ART or TRADITIONAL ART (Only “Drawings & Paintings”) .

Ezren Vs Storm Hag by Rhineville

:star: In this contest you'll have to draw the iconic character Ezren, inserted in a scenery of your choice.  It may be a fight against monsters or enemies, can be a scene in a tavern or while she  is casting a spell. These are just some examples. The delivery time is three months.

Tears of a Bitter Manor by MiguelRegodon

:star: The prize for the winner

In Pathfinder-Art


The illustration that will win the contest will be added to the original size in the journal and on the home page of Pathfinder-Art. 

In Fantasy-NPC


1st PLACE  The winner, will have his entry, which are present in Fantasy-NPC, in "Featured folder" for three months.

Who will become in second
place, will have his entry, present in Fantasy-NPC, in "Featured folder" for two months.

3rd PLACE Who will become in third
place, will have his entry, present in Fantasy-NPC, in "Featured folder" for a month.

:star: The time to submit the deviation to the group is three months (Deadline June 05 - 2016). All deviations participants in the contest will be judged by the group administrators.

Pzo9091 by JohanGrenier

Servants to the Crown by DenmanRooke

:star: You can leave a comment if you need any clarifications.

I hope you enjoy this idea and this could make everyone's art more visible.

Good luck!



Ezren is a male human wizard

Intelligent Animal by Akeiron

For many adventurers, wanderlust strikes at a young age when minds are impressionable and the urge to escape the doldrums of homelife become too much to resist. In other cases, there's never a choice at all—being raised on the streets leaves few other options available for those who do not wish to become criminals. Rarest are those who come to adventuring late in life.

Ezren by Windmaker

Spell Critical by GammaGrey

This was Ezren's path to adventure. Born to a successful spice merchant in one of Absalom's more affluent districts, Ezren's childhood was pleasantly safe. As the fourth of six siblings, he never knew the responsibility implicit in being the eldest (and therefore the one expected to carry on father's trade) or the freedom of being the youngest. He enjoyed the comforts of a well-to-do family, lived in a neighborhood relatively safe from crime, and seemed poised for a life of mediocrity.

Iconic mage and familiar by DeanSpencerArt

Orcs at the Gate by yanimator

That changed when his father was taken away, charged with heresy by the church of Abadar. The charges were too spurious to stick, and while his father escaped excommunication, the damage had been done—his father's business fell to pieces. Shocked, dismayed, and convinced that his father was innocent, Ezren abandoned his future and spent his adult life trying to repair his father's ruined reputation. So when Ezren finally uncovered irrefutable proof of his father's guilt, and he realized he'd wasted his life on a lie, he turned his evidence over to the church and said goodbye to his home, his family, and his life.

Consumed By Beetles by velinov

Pathfinder 1 by YamaOrce

At the age of 42, Ezren is full aware that he's missed his adulthood, yet at the same time he looks forward to discovering the world, and making a difference for a cause that he believes in. His dissatisfaction with family, religion, and government left him precious little to trust but his own intellect—in fighting for his father's redemption, he had become a gifted researcher, scholar, and intellectual.

Ezren vs The Frost Giants by bpsola

Ghoul attack by matteospirito

Lacking the spry limbs of youth, the trust in religion, the strong arm of the soldier, or the way with words of the politician, Ezren felt he had but one option open. He traveled to tarnished Oppara, capital of Taldor and one of the oldest cities of the continent of Avistan, hoping to join one of several prestigious schools of wizardry. Yet time and time again, he was turned away due to his age. No wizard seemed to want an apprentice who, in many cases, was older than them. So Ezren was forced to strike out on his own once again.

Beyond the Vault of Souls by RalphHorsley

Wizard and Owls by PTimm

Over the next decade, as he traveled Avistan, Ezren studied where he could, picking up tricks of the wizard's trade here and there. The combination of arcane study mixed with his worldly first-hand experiences have given him an edge over young wizards fresh out of apprenticeship and eager to make names for themselves. Ezren knows about the many ways the world can trick and betray you, but now he's finally begun to master the art of magic, giving him the tools to fight back.

Pathfinder Wizard by Satibalzane

what lies in dust art 3 by faroldjo

Screed and direwolves by JohanGrenier

ogres by JohanGrenier

dragonfight by Mike-Sass

PZO9094 frost giant tower by JohanGrenier

Mythic Spells by DenmanRooke

Pathfinder Stuff 6 by Mancomb-Seepwood



James Jacobs. (October 26, 2007). "Meet the Iconics: Ezren, Paizo Blog.

Ezren character belongs to Paizo Publishing, LLC

Dungeon Frieze Revisited by BenWootten

All character and illustrations belongs to © Paizo Publishing, LLC


Pathfinder-Art and Fantasy-NPC presents the fan art contest: "Pathfinder LAB's contest Iconic Character Ezren"

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